The Universal Faithists of Kosmon, Inc. was incorporated in the state of  california  in 1953 and later in Utah in 1977 as a 501(c)3 tax exempt church organization. Incorporation was subsequently added in the states of Colorado and Nebraska and georgia. The home facility is now located in the High Desert of Central CALIFORNIA.  


We have written histories of the various Faithists groups in the United States and Great Britain, which are available upon request. One interesting thing about UFK is that it is unique among Faithist groups for several reasons. UFK was the outgrowth of a newsletter called Faithist Forum started in 1954 by Will Crosby of Prescott, Arizona. When Will's health began to fail, he searched among the subscribers to the Faithist Forum, and asked a Faithist group in Sacramento, California, to continue publishing the newsletter. They incorporated in California as Universal Faithists of Kosmon, published the Newsletter for abut 20 years, and then passed the membership and newsletter on to the Kosmon Service Center in Salt Lake City who became Universal Faithists of Kosmon.

As we have thought about this chain of people we have come to view this success because we are a group, and the land we use is in the name of the group. We come together to make decisions as a group, with regular meetings. None of us have ever owned any of the land in the care of UFK . The land in Inyokern came as a bequest. In the past it has been clear that many groups have melted away because one person considered they had ownership of the land, and often made decisions on their own, without group in-put, or if the group attempted to offer suggestions or guidelines, they were ignored by those who felt they owned the land. This was true of Shalam, the Essenes of Kosmon, Four Winds and other Faithist groups. These organizations survived as long as the person who felt ownership was alive and active. There were several Children's Homes in the Los Angeles area including the successful Faithist Brotherhood of Light, but they faded away as their children grew up and no new children were taken. Their records indicate they did not own land in California until they purchased land in San Diego county in the 1920s. They were in operation from shortly after Shalam closed to around 1935. Their land was bought as water shed for the City of San Diego, and because of the dates and the know association with the active group in the Los Angeles area. Because of the dates it appears that they donated funds from the sale of their land to the group that became the Essenes of Kosmon, indicating they working as a group for around 30 years. The Faithist Journal had this chain of people, from Dorothy McGonogal who passed the newsletter on to Kasandra and John Cares. When they were no longer publishing the newsletter, Robert Risener with help published a few issues, and after about 50 years of publishing, eventually Reisner's efforts came to a close.

UFK has been working as a group since 1954, and while other groups dwindled slowly, UFK has slowly expanded over 65 years, entering the electronic age of computers and gathering the archives of groups that are no longer with us. There was even an article about UFK in the New York Times this past year.

UFK is attempting to establish good collections of letters and newsletters of all these groups, and if you have any Faithist letters or Faithist material including personal stories about Faithists, please send them on to the Archives. We do not have to have originals. Although originals are always welcome, photocopies are welcome and serve the purpose for future generations of Faithists.

Universal Faithists of Kosmon