Universal Faithists of Kosmon 

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The Universal Faithists of Kosmon, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Utah in 1977 as a 501(c)3 tax exempt church organization. Incorporation was subsequently added in the states of Colorado and Nebraska. The home facility is now located in rural, western Colorado near the village of Molina.

The membership of the church, numbering about 35, follows a long tradition of study and appreciation of the principles and tenets as set forth in the book called Oahspe . This book was received through divine inspiration by way of automatic writing in 1881 using the typewriter, which had recently been invented. The man who was the channel was one Dr. John Newbrough, a dentist then residing in New York City. He had an interest in spiritualism and was inspired to purify himself with a vegetarian diet and meditation in preparation for the task of writing a book. He did so and after some time was instructed to begin one morning before dawn by seating himself before his newly purchased typewriter. His fingers began to type, under the control of unseen forces. Over the next year he produced the manuscript which became Oahspe.  It was subsequently first published in 1882.

A guiding light and motivating factor over the years for the membership has been the desire to form a cooperative and communal living environment for themselves, working on the land for subsistence and assisting disadvantaged, at-risk and vulnerable children to have a better life and existence. The church-owned property at Molina has recently been developed and offers the opportunity for this dreamed-for community to come to fruition. ​

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