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Universal Faithists of Kosmon 

ARCHIVES update Jan 4 2019

This past week I started setting aside time every day for working on the Archives. Two huge boxes arrived with large white binders and plastic sheet covers to protect paper we will be Archiving.

We began at once to get all the copies of the UFK Newsletters organized and into their plastic sheet covers, and then numerically into the binders. Many boxes of Faithist's material including books on spiritual topics and duplicate copies of KV were brought from Colorado late this past summer, and we have been working to get them in order so there can be two complete sets of KV: one set available for visitors to look through, and another complete set kept in separate dust and moisture free storage. Even though we bought the large storage binders, we can only get about 30 issues of the newsletter into each binder. With 177 issues that makes 6 binders of Newsletters.

When we first came to Inyokern over two years ago. Sunny Holmes began passing Eloist material to us. There were several different newsletters, personal letters from Al Holmes, her father, and assorted things she had saved over the years such as photographs of the Eloist and their first home in Brookline, Massachusetts. We began to organize all of the things Sunny gave us, and combined them with papers already in our Archives, including materials of a long time Eloist who has passed on into spirit...sent by a family member who heard of our focus on Faithist's Archives. We feel fortunate to have some original things donated by the grandchildren of several families who had been at Shalam.

Robert Reissner has sent us a good many things for the Archives, including copies of Faithist Journal, published under its several names, as well as material he had collected personally, all of which has been added to our collection. And from time to time Faithists have sent saved copies of newsletters including: Dorothy Magonagall's FAITHIST JOURNAL, a newsletter published by Ray Palmer, and photocopies of CASTAWAY published by Newbrough, . I have been digitizing an index of Kosmon Voice by issue with author's names and subject of their articles. This is proving to be very helpful for research, as well as locating the frequently requested science articles by the several Faithists who wrote for KV, among them Hugh Rose and Harry Hilton.

This week I began going through the many photocopies of materials on Shalam, Newbrough, and OAHSPE in the the Rio Grand Historical Society (RGHS) at the New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We have collected photocopies of many of their documents over the years, and we have decided to start an alphabetical list of the articles so we can identify duplicates, and also be able to fill in gaps in our collection of materials available at NMHS.

When LesLee Alexander came for the UFK Board Meeting in November she brought some things that had been in the exhibit about Shalam in the Colorado Ranch and Farm Heritage Museum in Las Cruces, New Mexico. These will be on display in our Library that is now in the early stages of being readied for Faithist study and reference. Because of the large number of materials collected by UFK over the years, the Archives with a Library is the focus of the work here. The Retreat Center will be available by reservation with priority for those studying for Ordination. We welcome all those who read OAHSPE who would like to explore our collection. Motels are available in the area if space is not available at the Retreat Center.